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Pure Aquatic Pellet Food

Pure Aquatic Pellet Food is marine-biologist formulated and packed with nutritious, USA-sourced ingredients like Vitamin C and high levels of spirulina to bring out the best coloration and produce the greatest growth rates in your fish. Each formula is targeted at a specific group of fish and tailored to meet the unique requirements of those species.

Pure Aquatic Cichlid Pellets
Sizes Available: 2.5 oz bag 6 oz. bag 12 oz. bag 6 lb. bag Overview: P
Pure Aquatic Hermit Crab Food
Sizes Available: 2.5 oz bag Overview: Keep your hermit crab healthy an
Pure Aquatic Bottom Feeder Pellets
Sizes Available: 4 oz bag 10 oz bag 18 oz bag 10 lb bag Overview: Loac
Pure Aquatic Algae Feast
Sizes Available: 1.16 oz bag 3 oz bag 6.7 oz bag 12 oz bag 3 lb. bag O
Pure Aquatic Shrimp and Crab Food
Sizes Available: 0.5 oz bag Overview: Ultra-small pellet food is speci
Pure Aquatic Freshwater Pellet Food
Sizes Available: 1 oz bag 2.5 oz bag 6 oz bag 24 oz bag Overview: The
Pure Aquatic Fry Food
Sizes Available: 0.5 oz bag Overview: Feeding newly-hatched fry is tou
Pure Aquatic Small Fish Pellet Food
Sizes Available: 1.5 oz bag Overview: A diet specifically for small, h
Pure Aquatic Betta Pellet Food
Sizes Available: 1.2 oz bag Overview: Marine expert-chosen ingredients